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Propel a Cure was born out of the realization that there are brilliant minds out in the research world who can make a difference in the fight to cure Crohn's disease. They have the ideas, but they lack the money to carry out the necessary work to bring us a cure. Please click here to help fund a cure!


The goal then, for Propel a Cure is to raise funds for promising projects that will bring us one step closer to our goal. All money raised goes to research. There are virtually no overhead costs. Propel a Cure is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501 © (3) organization. Your charitable donation is tax deductible.


​You can also donate your spare change to Propel A Cure through the easy-to-use RoundUp App. Here's how it works... Your purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the total is donated to our charity at the end of each month. It's safe, secure and an easy way to support our mission in your everyday life. Sign up here! Your spare change has great value!

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