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Crohn's disease and other inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) often come with severe, life-altering illness, complications, and poor quality of life for patients and their families. Crohn’s and other IBDs most often strike teens and young adults in the prime of their lives and, increasingly, these diseases are also being diagnosed in younger children and in the elderly. Crohn's and IBDs in general are chronic and often progressive diseases for which NO proven causes have been identified and there are currently NO cures -- only treatments like drugs and surgery, usually with a temporary benefit.

Many drugs for Crohn's and other IBDs suppress the immune system and carry serious risks such as cancer and infection, frequently cause detrimental side effects, and don't work for many patients. Patients often go through rounds of one or more immunosuppressants and surgeries. This trial and error strategy that fails the majority of patients is unsatisfactory and we need better for kids, teens, young adults, working parents, the elderly, and their families.


Over the years, many scientists have undertaken cutting-edge research on possible causes of Crohn’s and other IBDs, yet cures have remained elusive. In a groundbreaking response to the unmet needs of our patient & caregiver community, Propel a Cure has launched an unprecedented initiative with the following goals:

(1) Identify what knowledge is missing, as well as barriers and challenges, and

(2) Develop a global, coordinated, detailed research plan (the Roadmap) to PREVENT and CURE Crohn's and other IBDs.



In May 2023, Propel a Cure, in partnership with Connecting to Cure Crohn’s and Colitis, hosted the inaugural brainstorming session of the Roadmap project in Chicago, where our global IBD team gathered to collaboratively identify areas of consensus and data deficits, as well as strategize on the next steps of the Roadmap. The cross-disciplinary contingent was drawn from a variety of subspecialities, including genetics, multi-omics, the microbiome, immunology, and bioelectronic medicine.

Just a few of the many themes and areas discussed included:


  • Leveraging existing IBD patient and first-degree relative cohorts and expansion of patient sample access for research purposes

  • Looking beyond the gut: learning from other immune-mediated diseases 

  • Gleaning what disease emergence in developing countries can tell us about causes

  • Better defining “Crohn’s” (and other IBDs) and breaking it down into different diseases and/or phenotypes

  • How to increase research collaboration and break down silos

  • And much more! 


Moving Forward


In the coming months, our researchers will be working together to further define areas of focus and draft a plan conceptualizing studies on IBD pathogenesis that will help us progress toward desperately needed cures. Once complete, this research roadmap will also be made available to the public, including the scientific community at large. 

As we continue to move forward, we need your financial support now more than ever to fund the Roadmap to a Cure (or cures). Please consider a one-time or recurring donation so that together we can make prevention, better treatments, and cures a reality! It will take all of us, but we truly believe the goal is achievable and we can prevent and stop so much suffering. Propel a Cure is a 501(c)3  nonprofit whose Board members receive no salaries, work out of their homes, and frequently dip into their own personal funds to cover our minimal overhead costs. All donations are tax-deductible for U.S. residents, and no donation is too big or too small.





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