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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The phone call came one evening… “Mom, can you come?” I had often told him whenever he needed me, I would jump in the car and get there as fast as possible. This was the first time he had asked. But this time I couldn’t leave immediately. I had important appointments that were on the calendar. I asked if he would be okay waiting a couple of days. He said he could, but I heard the fatigue in his voice and my heart sank.

As everyone knows who has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), crushing fatigue is a constant, even in remission. My son is a dual medical resident and he had just started his second residency, going from internal residency work dealing with death a lot (COVID, cancer, heart disease) to psychiatry. It was particularly stressful. He was also showing increasing signs of inflammation with his own Crohn’s disease and had switched from Humira, which had stopped working, to Stelara, which was only partially working.

Many people assumed when he was a medical student that he would become a gastroenterologist, but it was the last thing he wanted to do. It was simply too close to home. However, as a medical student he had to do a rotation in gastroenterology and one day he remarked with surprise that pediatric patients seemed to respond favorably to specific diets, and in fact, just as well as those who were on steroids like prednisone. Although I had suggested that he try diet and told him I would drive the 2000 miles to his home and fill his freezer with the proper meals, he had never wanted to go down that route as he knew it was highly restrictive. But after seeing children respond so well, he was much more open to trying, particularly as he had started taking prednisone to get his inflammation levels under control.

So, I bought several Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) cookbooks, joined a couple of groups on Facebook and drove to his home to do as promised. He lives in a small city in the Midwest and although it is possible to get most things, it requires a lot of driving to different shops and the cost is significantly higher than simply going to one or two grocery stores and picking up food, not to mention time consuming. And of course, it takes a lot of time to prepare. I stayed two weeks and spent most of the time shopping and cooking. Towards the end of my two weeks stay I started to have doubts that my son would be able to do it by himself. It didn’t help that one of the most well-known gastroenterologists who advocates for diet to manage symptoms, upon learning that my son was a resident, told me he didn’t think my son could be a medical resident and follow the diet.

Miraculously, over about 4 months he followed it religiously. He shopped himself and prepared his food and had a freezer full of meals that I had prepared when he didn’t have time. But then, I got the call…

He was exhausted and was running low on the meals. Since I couldn’t get there soon, I looked for alternatives. I had considered looking for someone who lived near him who could cook for him but that seemed risky. The SCD is strict and requires full adherence. I knew there were companies that sent specific ingredients and recipes to prepare, but my son needed ready-made meals with organic ingredients and absolutely no additives, sugar, wheat, rice, potatoes, etc. And I needed to be reassured, by seeing a list of the ingredients in every meal.

I came across The Good Kitchen, and it was exactly what I was looking for! It provides SCD compliant meals, and the ingredients can be verified as they are listed online. I ordered several weeks’ worth and crossed my fingers that my son would like the choices I made. He did and now he gets enough meals delivered once a month to fill his freezer and to keep himself fed, SCD compliant and he has one less thing to worry about along with having more time to rest between his 24-hour shifts.

And the best news is that his inflammation markers are nearly normal!

The Good Kitchen has been a godsend!

If you want to try or know someone who could benefit from The Good Kitchen, they are offering for the first 3 orders a 15% discount using the code PROPEL. They have a choice of meals that follow the different diets, not just SCD but Whole 30, paleo, gluten free, etc. Also, they will donate 25% of the net profits from future orders after your initial order to Propel a Cure, a nonprofit dedicated to funding research leading to a cure for Crohn’s disease. We are grateful for their support!

Click here to check out the terrific meal plan options!


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